Crate Vintage Club 60w Reviews 5

Mars Music - Milwaukee, WI an incredible closeout price of $299.99

Let me share my sad story, with a happy ending! I had to sell my kick-butt Marshall JCM2000 DSL50 rig 'cause I was hard up for cash. I searched high and low for the tone I found in my ($1100+) Marshall, and never thought I'd be tone happy again. Well, thanks Crate! I absolutely LOVE this amp, even more so than my over-priced boutique Marshall. This amp has searing tone, in all regards. From a crystal clean twang to enough gain to kick some rock n roll ass. Classic EL34/12AX7 post/preamp tube configuration that supplies all the pure tube dynamics that I love so much. 2 channel, dual reverb and it's luggable. That is, I no longer have to load up a 400 pound half stack when I go out to jam. I play a modified Amer Std. Telecater w a Joe Barden bridge pickup, an a couple custom wounds in the mid/neck position, and a '67 Strat. I like this amp BETTER than my Marshall. Period.

Very solid. Quality components from the Groove Tubes to the Accutronics spring reverb unit to the Eminence 12" speaker. Built very well, heavy and feels very quality when you load 'er up.

Tonefreak rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-30.

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