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I was looking for an amp that could save me money, and pack a punch. This amp does exactly that. I bought this unit at Guitar center, and payed: -349.99 Amp -59.99 Extended warrenty I am a firm believer of getting a warrenty, so that added a couple dollars to the price. The reason I saw this unit was because I was saving up for a marshall half stack, but realized how hard it would be to move around and how much it would cost. I then remembered one of my closest friends having a Crate Glx, and decided to look up on the brand. I found this product, checked it out, and fell in love.

My likes are -Sheer power (120 watts!) -You can obtain brilliance at a mere 2 power. -Built in reverb -Footswitch was a lifesaver -Clean channel is smooth and sweet -Two different OD channels -The cost :-)

It's hard to say... but for the benifit of a future buyer... -When you up Gain on the solo channel, you're also adding to the loudness.. so whenever you want to fiddle with Gain on the solo channel.. you end up having to change the level all the time -The rythem channel is just a wee bit to weak. Perhaps a little more distortion and low end. But it's just a very minor problem. -Very small minute problem no one will even notice: When you power off, it takes about 2 seconds to actually turn off. Not a big deal but you have to deal with an amp screaming in your face for about two secodns when you walk over to turn it off.

So far the construtcion and quality are great. It weights about 50 lbs... which even I can lift and move (and I'm very weak). If you're strong you can move this thing around easily, making it very mobile.

Bottom line - I'm happy with this amp, it's giving me some nice tones and power. I recommend to any rock players who are upgrading from a small amp (for me it was a fender 15 watt frontman). This amp won't let you down. Can't give it a 5, because 5 means perfect.. and nothing's perfect :-) Please contact me on AIM for anything concerning the amp.

John Esmet rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-02.

I bought this amp from Musicians Friend for $349.99. The reason I bought it was because I needed a better amp to take the place of my old one.(Behringer GX210)

I love everything about this amp! It has everything that you need. Good distortion so you don't have to go out and buy an expensive pedal, slick looks with the blue behind the controls, but most of all the raw power. If you wanted you could buy a 2x12" extention cabinet and have a half stack right there. If you notice some of the Marshall half stacks only have 100 watts so you could just buy this and a cab and it would be louder. After I have this amp for a while and I have enough money I might buy a 4x12" cab for it.

The weight is the only thing like everyone says, but I have one simple word you can use to make it easier, casters! My friend has them on his GX212+ they just screw right in and there you go. You can even ride it if you want.

Very durable. You can sit on the amp and not hear it crack. I give the construction of it an A+.

I hope Crate keeps making great quality amp forever.

Micah rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-28.

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