Crown 1970 Professional Series Reviews 3

I just recently bought this guitar at the Golden West swapmeet (California). It was actually a pretty good bargan at only $25.00..

This is my first guitar, so i was quite impressed with the sound quality, volume and tone. It also has a sleek, classical design, and is very fun to play

this guitar was used, and it was missing the 1st string when i got it. it has slight normal wear around the edges, the tuning pegs take more force than usual to operate, but other that it seems like a very nice guitar. i blew into the sound hole and dust (and even a dead moth!!!) along with other.. debris flew out, hinting of years of storage.

this guitar was manufactured in Japan with fairly high quality, long lasting parts. the overall build quality is also very good, even after all those years..

if u are in the market for a used, first acoustic/classical guitar, a Crown isn't a bad instrument to go with, and apparently they are availble very cheap.

marco rated this unit 3 on 2002-02-10.

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