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I've been playing guitar now for around 14 years and i play and am inspired by a wide range of music. I am currently in a hardcore band now called Myriad (check us out on myspace at

I aquired this guitar probably about 6 or 7 years ago by a trade with a friend. I have no idea about the history of the guitar before i had it.

The detail is actually quite accurate when compared to a real Gibson Les Paul. It's a off-white, kind of cream color with faux ivory binding all around the top. Also it had a bound neck which gives a good appearance.

The neck is terribly weak and flimsy. Any pressure from pushing or pulling the neck has the same effect as a whammy bar. The neck also may have warped a little over the yars because the intonation starts going way off after going past the 7th fret. The tuning pegs are also garbage so i replaced them with a quality set from stewart macdonald.

The construction is a little sloppy and is made out of crappy wood. Like i said, the tuning pegs were also junk and the neck is extremely flimsy.

Bottom line, this guitar sounds pretty good and makes up for the mediocre construction. It is also really easy to play because of nice string spacing(the neck is actually a little thinner than my strat). The pickups sound alright for being generic but you can always swap in better ones. I recently swapped in a brand new EMG HZ4 in the bridge and it sounds like a $1000 guitar now. It is also really accurate compared to real les pauls so any replacement or new les parts will fit perfectly on this one. So all in all i think this guitar is a great deal for how inexpensive it is.

jonMYRIAD rated this unit 4 on 2006-07-27.

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