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I have been playing guitar for seven years. I modestly consider my self to be an average musician. I have been in a couple of garage bands nothing special mostly just getting drunk and jamming.

I bought my Cruise VMI from a friend with a small amp for 150 dollars.

This review is in response to another review of a Cruise VMI on this site. I believe the review to be a bit harsh. I have had my Cruise for 6 of the seven years I have played. It was my only guitar up until this past year and has held up wonderfully. I have never experienced any neck warping, the guitar stays in tune quite well and as I said I have owned the guitar for close to seven years and I have very few scratches on any part of the guitar.

It is a cheap guitar. The sound quality is not the best. But it is a wonderful product for someone who is starting out on electric guitar.

Everything about it just seems to be cheap, from the volume knob to the plastic pegs. But the guitar has held up very well with a lot of use over a few years. I never needed to repair any thing on this guitar.

I believe the other reviewer seem to lose sight that this is a cheap guitar for beginners. The bottom line is that for someone just starting out with-out a lot of money this guitar is great. I take good care of all my guitars and they will all hopefully be with me my whole life. This Cruise is no different I have a a lot of good memories with it and would recommend it to any beginner guitarist.

Corey rated this unit 4 on 2007-11-17.

I bought it of a friend for $135

The humbucker pickup had an okay sound for nu-metal. thats really all.

Everything, The neck warped easy, the sound quality is so poor that I would be ashamed to play it for any of my friends or family members. If you tryied to solo on it, good notes will sound like sour note, even if you have re-tuned it 500 times in one day. The fretboard is made of cheap wood and gets nicks scratches and dents very easy. The tuning pegs are stiff and hard to use. I am afraid to tune it every time because this guitar breaks a lot of strings. The bridge is made poorly and fell apart, and the guitar goes out of tune every time I use the whammy bar.

The quality is horrabley poor. I took good care of this guitar and you wouldn't een know. There huge cracks all over, the strap locks are so small that my strap falls off every time. As I said befor, the tuning peggs are the worst ever, they are stiff, creekey and sometimes the srings slipp while I'm trying to tune it and I have to re-tune all over again. One huge problem, is that the tone nob came Loose. It was only glued in with cheap glue, and that was before my friend who sold it to me, had also fixxed it. The trussrod system is even crappy, I tried to turn the truss rod to de warp the fretboard. The fret board is now wavey.

This guitars is one of the biggest wastes of money ever, If you want to learn how to play guitar, by a quality guitar, I have been playing for five years now and just bought a B.C. Rich NJ. Beast, two years ago. I was shocked at how awesome it was, after having such a crappy guitar. Never by a cruise, even if thats all the money you have, wait and get a good guitar. One other thing, another friend of mine, also got a cruise and it totally quit working on him. Don't make that same mistake.

Mike Driedger rated this unit 1 on 2004-03-31.

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