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The Charlie Special is housed in a small, blue metal case measuring approx. 4.5' (L) x 2.5' (W) x 2' (H). It's basically a pre-amp, limiter, and volume control in one box. I'm a professional guitarist, educator, and performer. I play in a cover band and play a variety of styles.

I acquired the this unit from Dan at DDyna Music. It's available on their site for $127.


This pedal features a Pre-Amp Drive knob that ranges from -29dB to 39 dB, an Overdrive knob which acts as a medium-hard limiter to medium - gritty limit and a Volume knob. It also features Neutrik jacks, true bypass, precision carbon film resistors and reverse polarity protection in a compact, hard coated case. I use this as one of my main overdrives on my pedalboard. It's very responsive to my playing and sounds fantastic for chords or soloing. It also sounds very nice stacked with other overdrive units to add a boost during a solo. I also appreciate the single button switch to activate the unit.

This pedal is a very nice overdrive that is designed to do nothing more than give you an overdriven, raw sound that reacts to your sensitivity to the strings on your guitar. This unit needs nothing more.

The construction of the Charlie Special is among the best I've seen. The case is rounded on the corners and there is a light texture on the case adding to the tactile finish that oozes quality. The knobs turn smoothly and the engage switch feel solid and secure under foot. The Neutrik jacks also assures me that this unit is extremely well built and made to last.

If you are in the market for a boutique overdrive and are blown away by some of the prices you see in your search - check out the DDyna Charlie Special. This is one model in a line of OD's from the company that you'll want to test drive for yourself.

John Gorbe rated this unit 5 on 2011-02-02.

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