DW 5000 TD Bass Drum Pedal Reviews 5

Bought it at Total Percusion, in Madrid, Spain. Paid around 275 Euros for it. I buy my stuff at that store, they know what they are selling and give you what you really need.

Mostly everything. The pedal goes smooth as silk, is really responsive and just as fast as you can play. My previous pedal was a Mapex that used to get jammed when playing. That hasn’t happen yet with the DW pedal. It also comes with additional “elevator” platforms to level your feet, so you can find your optimal playing position. Hasn’t used them yet as the pedal is just fine out of the box. Same for the weights you can screw at the top of the footboard to add some extra power and speed to your playing. I unscrewed the ones that came by default and the pedal still “goes to eleven”.

The beater shaft used to rotate when playing, so I ended up playing with the beater sideways. I found the problem was the screw that holded the shaft to the pedal. The end of the screw had the shape of a crescent moon, not holding the shaft as tight as it had to. The seller had the same problem with his very own pedal, and even showed me how other DW pedals at the shop carried the same defective screws. I sanded the screw myself and the problem was solved. Also, I haven’t been able to tighten the springs as much as I would like. Didn’t come with the memory lock.

Top of the notch. Really nicely built, no loose parts. No complaints, except for the “screw” situation. It also looks great.

It’s pricey but worth it. I’ve tried the Iron Cobra and didn’t find it as responsive as the DW pedal. I feel it was a great buy.

edu rated this unit 5 on 2002-03-30.

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