DW 5000TH Turbo Bassdrum Pedal Reviews 5

I bought this pedal for CHF 430.00 (which is about $ 330.00) because my old Pearl-Pedal broke.

This is absolutely the best pedal I've ever played. It's REALLY smooth and it doesn't make any noise when played (I think thats because of the ball-bearings at the end of the footboard). You can't move the footboard to the side, which is possible with almost any other pedal that doesn't have ball-bearings. The 5000 Series Pedals come with velcro on the bottom of the pedal-plate, so they really don't move on the floor. You can adjust the bassdrum-clamp from the side and also, as a small but very useful feature, they come with an included tuning-key on the pedal-plate. I also like the 2-way beater (felt and plastic). One thing that some people don't know, is that you can choose between turbo and accelerator chain-drive. The difference is: turbo is centered (the beater does the same move as you do with your foot) and accelerator is offset (the beater is faster in the last third of its way). I guess the accelerator needs a bit of time until you get confortable with it but, as my teacher says, its well worth it.

The words "don't like" and "DW 5000 Series Pedals" just don't belong into the same sentence. I'm totally satisfied with this one.

The quality is awesome! In my opinion, theres nothing better than those beauties. They also look good with their red pedal-plate and black-silver footboard.

If you want to buy a pedal that is smooth, durable and top-notch quality - go for it! It costs a little bit more but its worth every penny. I never had any problems with it and it just feels great when playing. At least I would recommend you try them at your local music-store. - Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand what I've tried to say here.

Frank rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-08.

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