DW 5500TD Hi Hats Stand Reviews 3

I purchased this hi hat stand in company of the DW's 5002. They do fit well together because of the stand only having two legs. it's really easy to adjust the distance and position of the pedals on my left side.

It's price can be found around $200.


The DW quality and its delta shaped legs are definitely good things about this product. It's also cool how it come with two different sizes of Upper Rods, making easier to fit your drum style.

I think this is a product that it does need some improvement, but it does have a great concept though. Sometimes it becomes a little bouncy when you play hard even when it is as sturdier as it can gets. Also, you might want to leave this product at your studio only. The bolt way of setting this stand up can become a pain in the a** when you bring it in the road, it makes easy to loose its screws.

This is a strong, well-built, product, don't get me wrong, but it does need some tweaks on its design.

If you have a light drum playing style and needs a studio only hi-hat stand, this could be a good option, but don't forget to shop around for different brands first.

mtebaldi rated this unit 3 on 2010-06-01.

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