DW 6PC Drum Set Reviews 5

I bought this set at Guitar Center in Cleveland for about $3,500. This model has satin oil tobbaco burst finish w/ black lugs & hoops

These drums sound incredible and they look great! I really like the very wide sound spectrum of the maple shells. Ive never heard drums that can be tuned lower than these. I put an EMAD on the bass drum and had all my drummer friends in awe.

The satin oil finish is easily scratched and the scratches show up big time so you gotta be really careful with'em. After about an hour of playing these drums go out of tune quite drastically. They will go from sounding good and warm, to dead and twangy if you dont check em.

Besides the Satin Oil finish these drums are extremely heavy and durable.

These drums blow everything else out of the water! I would highly reccommend them to anyone with the cash.

Whitsle433 rated this unit 5 on 2002-06-21.

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