DW 7000PX Bass Drum Pedal Reviews 4

I bought it at a local Percussion shop for $90. My old pedal broke.

It is quick, sturdy, and powerful. It can be adjusted a little bit to make huge differences in feel. It has velcro on the bottom of the steel plate to keep it from sliding at all on carpet.

The only problem I noticed with this pedal is its clamp doesn't get to tight, so on certain drums, it may be a bit lose which alows a small rattle, but this is barely noticeable.

It is completely adjustable. It has a steel base plate for added strength and stability. The velcro on the bottom is a very nice feature also.

It is a good pedal for the price. It is on the higher end of single pedals and you do need to shell out a few bills for it, but you can't get a lot better, unless you spend a lot more. P.S. - PLEASE!! If you check out a few reviews, please, just put up a few on some of your own equiptment. This directory isn't very large, but I hope it will grow because this site has the possibility to be an excellent resource.

Chris Mack rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-20.

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