DW 7002PX Double Bass Pedal Reviews 4

I got this through Musician's Friend on sale for $180. They usually run 190-210, depending on where you buy it. I got it since so much of the music I listened/played to had double bass.

Having the plates on the pedals help a lot. They are solid pedals, well made. The knob for hooking it to the bass drum hoop is offset, a feature from high-end pedals. They have a good amount of adjustability, allowing you to make the left side feel more like the right. This pedal is QUIET! Smooth action, and the bearings work great. You can push it and let go, it keeps swinging freely for a while.

The left side is a little harder than the right, so it doesn't feel the same. I compensate for this by having my right side spring tight and my left side looser, allowing the tightness of the drive shaft to make up for the loose spring. The DW beaters over time do flatten out considerably, I have thought about replacing them with Tama Iron Cobra beaters. The pedal started squeking for a while, it took me a while to locate the source. The chain was the problem, and after some WD40, it was silent yet again.

The pedal is well built, a solid piece of machinery. Mine has lasted me about 2-3 years so far, and I believe it came with a 2 yr warranty. Nothing on it has broken, and I doubt anything will.

A fine quality addition to any drumset. From looks, I would put it over Tama's Iron Cobra Jr, and well worth the extra few bucks. I you can afford to buy something more, by all means do! But if you must shoot lower, you'll be pleased with the 7002.

Drumfreek rated this unit 4 on 2002-03-06.

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