DW All-Maple Collector's Series 6PC Reviews 5

I bought this kit at Brook Mays in Dallas, the regular price was $5469, but the people there wanted to get rid of it, and gave it to me 50% oFF!! i purchased this kit for $2734!!

The kit sounds great!!! the sizes are 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 13x16, 5x14 10+6 Collectors series all Maple Snare, and a 18x22 Kick Drum. The shells on the toms are wonderful, and the kick had a very strong deep tone. If you have the money..and find a deal like i did..BUY IT!

one of the things i don't like was the sating oil finish. I got a cherry sating oil finish and i already have a couple little dents on the drums. I would recommend getting a different finish, maybe lacquer, or take tremendous care of them. The other thing was that the kick is free-floating, so you have to buy tom holders.

The kit sound and shells are EXCELLENT!! it did not have suspension tom holders but they still sound great. I would recommend buying top-notch stands because some tom holders will tip over with 2 toms..

A very good kit to invest in, i havent tried the Pearl Master Kit, or Premier Customs but ever kit ive tried..none other compare to a DW!!!

A man with a plan rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-23.

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