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Well......I was playing a Tama StarClassic Birch kit and had been a Tama fan for years. I was never happy with the snare sound I was getting from the Starclassics. I decided to shop for snare drums and the sales rep at AJ's Pro Percussion in Tampa, FL brought out 2 DW snares. A 14" Craviotto and a 13" Collectors Marco Minneman signature snare. I played both and fell in love with the 13" and bought it($389). The difference was unbelievable. I was sold on DW. 2 months later I bought a 4 piece(10,12,14,18x22) DW Collector Maple in Ultra White Marine for $1950.(that was a great deal:)Bought December 2002.

I LOVE these drums! It is amazing how much better they sound than anything else that I have played. I tried the Tama Starclassic Maple and found it to be to close to what I already had, but they did sound great and warmer than my birch kit. I tried pearl Masterworks Maple and was impressed but not on the same level as the DW. Yamaha Maple Customs had a beautiful tom sound but the bass drum and snare were much weaker than both the DW and Pearl. There is just something that makes DW feel, play, look, and sound better than everything else. It is NOT just the hype. I remember the first time I played out with the kit. I was tuning up the 10" and the whole band swore that it was mic'd-up. It was so loud and resonant it gave me chills! The incredible sound brought my playing to another level that night and has ever since. It feels like Christmas morning every time it get behind these beauties.

I can't complain about a thing here. I like everything about the drums. They are so good it's sickening. Sometimes I make my guitarist play them just so I can sit there and listen to them:)(no, unfortunately not even DW can make him a good drummer...lol)

These drums are built with great care and attention to detail. The shell hardware is incredibley solid. The tuning lugs work great. The bearing edges are flawless. The snare is solid, heavy, and amazingly comfortably predictable. It does just what you want it to.

Everybody knows that these drums are not inexpensive. But considering the quality, sound, looks, and ridiculously high re-sale value....they are a bargain and a half! You can literally buy these drums, play them for 2 to 3 years and sell them within a few hundred dollars of what you paid for them(that is if the dealer gives you a good price...and most will). Save your money, sell your old drums and get some DW Collector Series Maple drums. You will think that you died and went to Drum Heaven!

Patrick rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-28.

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