DW Collectors Series w/ Satin Finish Reviews 5

i bought the drums from a local dw dealer. i've always wanted a dw kit and now i have one. i also have a pearl brx master. i paid 27oo for the 5 piece kit.

i love the looks of the hardware and the finish. when you see this kit on stage it makes people drool. i've found the right heads so this baby sounds sweet.

probably the only thing i don't like is the fact they're dw drums (in a good way). i hate to take them anywhere for fear of hurting them.(basically no dislikes)

overall they seem really solid. haven't had any problems yet.

i love them. pearls and tama top end kits are nice but there's just something about a dw.

may rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-20.

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