DW Pacific C Series Drums Reviews 4

I bought this seven piece set at Guitar Center in Atlanta for $659.00, drums only no hardware, no cymbals. This is the 2000 year model.

This kit looks terrific and sounds super, however I have changed the stock heads to Evans heads only because I prefer a nice heavy thud from them. I also prefer the rack tom sizes of 12" and 13" to the "fast size" toms of other models like the L and LX series...too small.

The wrapped finish (Silver Mist) is buckling at the seams and around a few of the lugs. The aluminum snare rings a bit. Pacific too has incorporated a rack tom tom mounting system that makes changing heads more of a challenge than I believe it should be. All in an effort to get a better sound of the rack toms but still troublesome when heads need to be changed in a hurry. Their mounting system on the 2001 LX series uses that which is used on the Drum Workshop brand of percussion and that eliminates some time in changing heads.

I really don't know too much about construction of drums but they are heavily made and appear to take what I can give them...as for quality, wrapped finish aside, I believe DW has put plenty of research into making this product suitable for intermediate players like myself.

For the price and durability of the C Series Pacific drum set, I feel comfortable in my choice after weighing comparable brands and models.

Charlie rated this unit 4 on 2001-11-15.

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