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Well i got this sweet kit for christmas 2000 by my loving grandparents. They paid about 700 bucks for the all maple drums with a matching snare and HARDWARE. They got it at elmore music for me because i was starting to get back into drumming but i still had my 300 dollor ROXX drum set from sams club.

After i put remo heads on all this beautiful drums they were astounding. I have heard a lot of kits,birch, other maple kits, and tons of others and this set matches better especially for the piece. They sound great, with attactive dw looks to them. The hardware that came with it was great for the piece. I couldn't believe that it came with a matching snare. The set has wrapped finshes not for the cheapness but for the road. The set is great for hauling around and being beat up because they are so duriable.

like i said earlier i love the hardware, but i only thing negative about the hardware was that the crash stand was pretty easily bent. It was the only cheaper piece of hardware on the set. ALso as with all maple drums, they are hard to tune a little especially for beginners. And when they get out of tune they have a annoying ring. But mine drums are moved a lot with different temps and stuff so mine are prolbably more difficult because of that.

The quality of these drums are great for price, there was a couple spots of ruffness we i took off the heads. But i bet you thats damage from the idiots at elmore music. The construction is beautiful, i read online that dw is putting the same shells in the drums just less piles. And if you listian to drums you will believe it.

Bottom line, these are great drums for a seroius drummer ready to play a lot and take them along till he or she can afford to get all out hardcore beauty profection drums haha. There great for price, dw has lots of add ons for the drums and hardware, and all kinds of fun stuff. I love my drums and i encourge you to check out all dw and pacific drums they are amazing.

Andrew Miller rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-17.

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