DW Pacific Left Handed Double Bass Pedal Reviews 4

I ordered this item from musciansfriend.com and payed around $100. I picked this pedal because the only other left handed double pedals were the tama Iron Cobra and the Pearl Eliminator and they both ran like $270. So, I went for the cheapest one.

The price of this pedal is good. It can be put together easily even if you really don't no what you're doing. I can go pretty fast on it (considering I just started played double pedal).

I don't the beaters on this pedal. Only the part that hits the bass drum is felt and the rest is plastic. Also, the slave pedal moves around alot on a smooth surface when playing heels up.

It is a strudy single chained pedal. Will lasta good amount of time.

This is a item worth buying. My friend has this same pedal (only right handed) and bought an Iron Cobra to upgrade. He ended up taking bake the Iron Cobra because he like this pedal alot better!!But personaly, I rather have an Iron Cobra.

pls138 rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-24.

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