DXP Standard 5 Pce Rock Kit Reviews 4

I purhased this kit second hand from a drum outlet in Bayswater (Melbourne, Australia). I paid $500AUS (about $200-300US) and it included a throne, Amati hihats, 18" crash ride & a straight cymbal stand. It was an older model, perhaps late 80's to early 90's. Better made than the more recent series.

For the money this kit was fantastic. Double braced hardware, solid basswood shells, long lugs - 24 lug snare, 10 lugs on each toms & 16 on the bass. A kit around this price bracket generally is a 'Powerbeat' and the DXP wallops their ass.

The snare was quite ringy, but after putting an Evens powercentre on top, a new snare coil then tuning it very tightly with a O ring it became quite fat without too much buzz.

Pretty solid, the coated shells take a hammering, the pedals aren't too bad. The double brace hardware was quite sturdy without being too heavy.

Definately worth a look for beginners. But try to buy the older models with the longer lugs, because they make them now with fewer & shorter lugs. If you can pick one up second hand for about $400-500 with cymbals then you have a terriffic starter kit.

Shannon W rated this unit 4 on 2003-05-23.

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