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I took up playing bass in 1977 and used a regular guitar amp (duh). By 1978 I was ready to join bands and play in clubs. I bought this particular bass amp in 1978 for 300 dollars from our local music dealer. ( C.M.I. Electronics sporting the Gibson brand name )

This was my first bass amp and I still have it. Needless to say there is a lot of sentimental value attached to it. It has given me no problems. So what I like best about it is its' longevity and simplicity. You have some equalization capability in the form of four knobs for bass, treble, contour and mid range. In addition to master volume you also have a pre-amp volume, as well as a distortion control for that mean, fuzzy-wuzzy-buzzy sound.

Actually, there isn't anything I don't/didn't like about it other than worrying if its FETS were going to burn out during a gig. However, standing at three feet, six inches tall, it is fairly heavy to lug around. It still performs well and is more than enough amp for night club gigs.

After all the years of being tossed into car trunks, back seats, truck beds, left outside in the cold, kicked over, beer spilled over it, cig burns, the amp is still standing. A little worse for wear but what a trooper it has been! It still cranks out its' 200 watts. So the construction of this particular amp, for its' time, is aces across the board in my opinion.

The amp itself, although still working fine after all these years, is not exactly what a bass player should be looking for in an amp. It might be considered a good beginners' amp if it's still available today. Now that almost 30 years have passed since I bought it, it is vintage, and like a monolith to my former/misspent youth. I can't help but love the thing.

jeff rated this unit 2 on 2004-12-28.

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