Danelectro 58 Longhorn Reissue Reviews 3

I bought it before I knew any better. It cost about $275 from a now-forgotten online peddler of guitars and basses.

It's very light and the narrow short scale neck allows some fast playing that can be more tiring on full size basses. It fits in a guitar gigbag. It's very stylish and sometimes that can be a positive. The hollow body can have a good hollow sound with the right choice of strings and proper EQ settings to emphasize that sound.

The hardware is miserable and I upgraded both the tuners and the bridge. There is a terrible hum problem under many circumstances due to lack of any shielding and no grounding to the bridge. The much-promoted "easy access" to upper frets that is supposed to derive from the deep cutaways is defeated by one of the clunkiest neck joint designs ever foisted upon bass players. Worst feature: to reset the neck bow, you must remove the neck.

Much as I complain about the poor original hardware and other cost cutting, the main structure seems sturdy enough [or I would never done the upgrades]. The top and back are the hard dense version masonite and the frame between is laminated. The lipstick pickups do have a nice "oldies" tone.

It's a fun bass, but if you need one good electric bass to launch your budding career, $275 buys a really fine used "real" bass or if you add another $75 or so you can get a new bass. Such basses are heavier and less stylish and require a bit more reach due to full length necks, but are really what most players need to start out playing gigs. The Dano is a great second bass, no extra burden in size or weight. With upgrades it seems like a fine main bass for players with smaller hands and who don't want a heavy instrument. It gets a lot of casual playing time just because it's small and light and so is often with me.

Golem rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-23.

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