Danelectro 12/6 Double Neck Reviews 5

This is a Korean built Danelectro, from the late 90s. It featured a 12-string guitar on top and a 6-string on the bottom. Gotoh tuners. Each guitar had the classic double lipstick pickups that Danelectro was known for. Bolt-on maple necks. I remember mine being a weird pastel color. Maybe like a peach and white color? No case was the biggest bummer I ran into.

I bought this at a pawn shop. It was my first pawn shop purchase. I nit-picked at everything included the broken high E-string. I walked out of there with the double-neck for a cool $120!!! I sold it later for around $600, but I should have kept it. In 2011 the guitar rate is around $1200. Oh well.

The day I got it, I drove to a friend's house to show him. His dad wished me luck. He owned one of the original doubleneck SG guitars Gibson built popularized by Mr. Jimmy Page. Said I'd never want to play it because of the weight. Wrong! This guitar is a nice comfortable weight. Standard Danelectro sound. Bright and chimy. It shined most when I covered The Beatles' classic 'Here Comes The Sun'

No complaints, I loved that guitar.

Well built, lightweight and stayed in tune. The bridge is a bit funky. It has a wooden saddle. I never needed to adjust it, but I imagine you may run into some trouble if you had to.

If you need a double neck, keep an eye out for the Danelectro 12/6. Well balanced. You won't break the bank or your neck playing one.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-01-16.

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