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I acquired this guitar at my local guitar shop(Scotty's) for a cool $200, and was immediately blown away with it's clear, piercing tone. I wouldn't have thought to look at a Danelectro had I not seen Jimmy Page swinging the same axe in a live show..."Kashmir" sealing the deal. I play a lot of melodic, clean leads reminissent of David Gilmour, and with a little overdrive I throw around a couple Page riffs.

I like bascially everything about it...it looks completely stunning, with the nices paint I've ever seen mass produced. The action is a light a your top of the line Martin Acoustic, and the tone is amazing in it's neck posistion. The bridge posistion works well with a little edge, but I like the thick warmth of the neck posistion better. The solo to "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" sounds better on this than any other guitar I've ever played(except when Gilmour plays it). A great investment for melodic lines...

It's not really meant for heavy metal/thrash type music. It sounds great with a wah pedal, but a heavy distortion isn't right for it's two single coil pickups.

It's built beautifully. The paint, as I mentioned before, is stunning, and it glitters in the light. It has a nice leather strap type thing wrapped around the body for added apeal, and it's been trough 5+ years of live shows without even a scratch or dent. When I played a Strat I noticed that I would sometimes bump the volume knob on my wide, Pete Townsend-esque strokes, but on the Danelectro, the knobs are in a seemingly perfect spot. Very fun to play...

For $200, EVERYBODY should own this, even if you just want to look at it shining in the light...

Brett Collins rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-23.

I got this fine musical insterment at Tom Pickets in colombus Indiana. The list price of this guitar is about 350 I go it for 325. The main reson I bought this insterment was because i wanted somthing more origianl and more flair than my Washburn BT-2

Whats ther not to like. It sounds good. Looks good. weighs nothing. and plays like a dream. THe action is incredible. might seem a litttle low when you first get it but its very easy to adapt to. The tuners are high cuality and you can for a long time whith out tuning it. Electronics are simple. Did i mention that it ;looks good.

The only thing that i can say is that it doesnt take lots of distortion very well. Also the higher strings dont get picked up as much when played chordly.

I am very rough on stuff and have yet to even scratch the paint.It has been hit, slamed on the floor multiple times, and other strange incedents and it keeps on tickin. Dont let fact that its constructed out of masonite and play wood fool you this is one of the most durable guitars i have played.

Dont let your ego fool you. It might not cost an arm and a leg like Gibsons and Fenders. But this thing will beat them in my eye any day. inexpenseive and very atractive what more can you ask for?

John Mattingly rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-01.

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