Danelectro V-50 50 Watt Tube Head Reviews 4

I play death/black metal. Have been playing guitar, bass, and keyboards for 25 years. Currently in an industrial/death/black metal band and I do a lot of home recording.

Paid $725 for this head. I bought this head mainly because of price, features, and it's handbuilt/handwired in Tuscon, AZ.

It's two-channel (footswitchable), with two different "overdrives". Has a line-out for mixer, PA, digital recorder, etc. It's 50 watt's that sound like 120 watt's through my 2x12. 5 12AX7's, and 2 EL34-EH. NO reverb, and NO effect's loop---I had it built that way on purpose. Has 4/8/16 ohm cab out's....Heavier OD selection is a blistering meltdown of death. The lighter one is more pop/country (yuk). Clean channel is BEAUTIFUL. Line-out works. This head, on any setting is sensitive to how hard/soft I play. Very nice. LOW NOISE for a tube head, on any setting.

Line out works better with clean channel when using a digital recorder. The heavy OD channel sound's fuzzy when the line-out is used with my FOSTEX. But I get SUPERIOR SOUND when I mic my 2x12 and record with the "heavy" OD selection. Ultra-heavy... Plastic footswitch box? I'm used to metal boxes. But, it works, and that's all I care about.

Built like a russian t-34 tank. Good looking, as well as good sounding. No pieces falling off, or anything like that. Everything is correct.

Why spend more for a 50 watt head made in china? My chinese made randall rh50-t tube head was only $500, but this ADAMS is very noticeably louder, and is just as versatile, even though it lacks the randall's effect's loop, and reverb tank. I don't use reverb, and I don't use stomp boxes. I use 100% all-tube distortion, the way beelzebub intended!

katfish rated this unit 4 on 2007-04-25.

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