Danelectro French Toast Octave/Distortion Reviews 4

Traded a Fab Tone that I paid $30 bucks for at a pawn shop. Retail on the French Toast is about $49, but you can pick em up for $35 to $40.

Per Dano, this unit is a faithfull re-creation of the much loved and coveted Foxx Tone Machine. Has a great octave up effect. Best used with your neck pickup, tone rolled back and playing on the G, B, E strings 12th fret & higher. Think Purple Haze and you have the sound of this little gem. Distortion is more of a dirt type. Not a lot of finesse or control, but it sounds cool. A mini switch controls the octave up effect.

No LED to tell if the unit is on.....but if you can't tell it's on, your deaf!!! Anyway, for the price, it is not a big issue.

These little units are nicely constructed. Unless you trash you gear it should last. A little care goes a long way. High density plastic case. Plastic input and output jacks may pose a problem...but os far, so good!!

The botom line is this....For the money you would be hard pressed to find a better sounding, better looking unit. Actually, the looks do not matter to me, ( the fact they design these things so coll is a bonus )it's the sound that matters and this unit has the sound in spades. Thank you Dano for the release of the mini-peal series. I wish I had these 30 years ago when I first started playing. From the auto-wah to the the leslie simulator, all of them are cool. Some cooler than others, but cool none the less!!!

BB rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-15.

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