Danelectro Space Charge Distortion Reviews 5

The only place to get this pedal is mail ordered from Owen Electronics in the UK for 155 delivered or 156 for overseas.

The unit is compact and encased in a hot red shell that promisies many years orf rugged service. The footswitches for LAUNCH and BOOST are well set out and they have LEDs for indicating when they are on. This is espeially useful for dark gigs. The unit has one of the best sounds I have ever heard and for 155 a bargin. The unit is also fully customisable. Now onto the sound. If you want a nu-metal rasp form your amp than go away now. This unit is perfect for conjouring up the heavy bassy soungs of Richie Blackmore or Tony Iommi and is also excellent for replicating the raw valve driven sounds of the 80s. Add a little reverb, crank the pedal and amp up, stom on the BOOSTER for 10db extra and a whole lot more gain dig in deep with your pick and your ready to rip...

You cant actually see the valve which would have been nice although MR Owen can customise it for you so you can.

The unit is handmade and the unit is immaculatly finished in red and yellow. The metal shell that houses the 12AX 7 valve can be stored in a bag for transportation and to keep it safe.

An exquisite product that would have a place on any pedal board.

Duncan MacKinnon rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-12.

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