Danelectro Helicon Quintet Reviews 5

I bought this unit at El Cerrito guitar center in Northern California. I paid $400 but I received a rebate of $ 100

The ease of use. It is simple to use. I am a technologically oriented person with a strong background in computer programming and Mathematics, but, when I am playing music (salsa - piano), I despise, hate, abhor going into techie mode. I have found myself so mired in MIDI hell that I forget that I am supposed to be making music on the piano for people to enjoy and dance salsa. With this unit, I set the scale of the tonality of the song and the background singer sings the chorus. ....NO HASSSSSSSLE

The fact that I couldn't find one in stock in several stores. I live in San Francisco, I don't mean the bay area, I mean the city of San Francisco. I had to go out of my way to find the unit.

The construction is up to standard and so is the quality

I would pay twice the price for it.

Francisco (salsa piano) rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-21.

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