Davison Vintage 5 String Semi-Hollow Reviews 4

I've been playing bass now for about 4 years and guitar for several before that. I play blues mostly but whatever comes to mind. The bass was very nice overall. It has a decent finish (Only a couple of minor flaws - The pickguard is rough near a pickup and the outer edges of the guitar front and back show scuffing [barely]) and the tobacco sunburst is beautiful (They also have orange and white models available). ed: The body is a Les Paul style.

I purchased the bass new from Musicians Discount Warehouse on an Ebay auction. It was buy it now for $219.95 including a carrying case and a cable (Both are generic El Cheapo's by the way) and best of all - Free Shipping. I was looking for a semi-hollow les paul 5 string and this was the only one I could find at a decent price (... at all really). I was a bit concerned at first never having heard of Davison.

Out of the box the unit played well and looked great. There was some need to adjust intonation but isn't there always with a new bass? =^) The electronics were clean and transparent - I couldn't hear anything when I turned all four pots and worked the three way switch. The bass has a nice woody sound. It evokes rock'n'roll, blues and reggae depending on how you dial it in (Though the overall options are somewhat limitied). Finally, the nicest thing about this bass is the B string. Considering it's short scale (32") I was expecting horrible looseness from the B. Instead I was greeted with a fairly tight response.

The pickguard apparently isn't finished being sanded down. It's a minor issue that stretchs between the neck and the neck pickup; Perhaps an inch where the edge is slightly rough. Aside from this one stretch the pickguard is well made. The finish shows scuffing - But only when you look at it very closely. It will probably disappear after I buff it.

This seems to be a fairly well constructed bass. It has great fit, finish and action overall.

If I had my money back knowing what I do now I'd buy this again without any hesitation. My next bass may very well be a Davison. The value for the cost is terrific.

Aurin rated this unit 4 on 2009-02-12.

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