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Bought this 8-01 from Musicians Friend for $ 99.99. From the pic, it looked solid.

It is a jet black bass, 4 string. 2 pickups, neck pup is split style, the bridge one straight. 1 volume, 1 tone, and 1 "blend knob". I guess it acts as a pup selector knob. Turn one way, and the neck is on, the other way, bridge one is on. Standard bridge, black chrome. Black tuners, rosewood fretboard, 20 frets. Maple neck, unfinished, smooth feel to it. Slim, fast feel to the neck. Light weightedness makes it a joy to play; I could play on stage all night w/out neck pain. The price: WOW!! They originally sold for $189.99 or so, I think. Then, Musicians Friend discounted 'em for 99.99. Had to get one. I am a guitarist who also plays bass; for one bill, can't go wrong. These also are a subsidiary of Fender, so what does that tell you? LIKES ALOT!! Sounds great, amazed at how the pickups sounds. Eventually, want to upgrade to Dimarzios or better, but this'll do for now.

Hmm..IF I could gripe about anything regarding this bass, it's the balance of it. Initially, I had to get used to it. Having played a P Bass style before, this was kinda weird to get used to playing. THAT quickly was resolved. It's sleek, begging for fast, slap style playing, ala Funk music, Flea style playing.

Dearmond is associated with Fender; so it's doubtful it'd be subpar. The construction exceeds what'd one would reasonably expect. Fine overall.

Mine was a closeout deal; but if one should find one at a music store, pawn shop, or private owner, I recommend at least checking it out. Might not be disappointed. I like mine...

Jiver rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-11.

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