Dean Artist RSE Reviews 3

Purchased at Band Aid Music for $499.99 plus an additional $150.00 for the hardshell case

It looks stunning with the abalone inlays on the fretboard, around the sound hole and around the body of the guitar. It is a beautiful looking guitar and catches everyone's eye.

The sound, although not incredibly poor, is only what you could expect in a $500.00 guitar. It has very poor low end, muddy mid range, and a tinny high end. Amplified with the Shadow 7-band EQ, you can try to fix some of it, but miracles just aren't possible with the electronics and construction of this guitar.

Looks beautiful. When you look closely, you'll see poor workmanship on the frets, and sloppy finish work on the binding near the neck. Can't really say anything about the inside of the guitar, however.

Great looking guitar, but if you're looking for stunning sound, look elsewhere...

Ryan from Seattle. rated this unit 3 on 2002-10-29.

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