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when it was sold, it was 500. but i got it on ebay for 300. it was replaced by the exotica qse supreme with updated fishman electronics and a sitka solid spruce top over the regular solid spruce.

now, just because i only spent 300 does not mean im cheap, i was looking in the 300-600 range. dean made a very good quality instrument. Its richness is far greater than most martins under 1000 (and i say this with much experience). see more about its richness below. it is deep without being dark or mellow, and is a very large guitar, it could almost be considered a grand concert. this is great for gigging because when i play coffee houses i only need the amp to supplement the sound.

Know what you are getting into with this richness, it may be too much for small "living room concerts" as i find i cant sing softer songs like the sound of silence (simon and garfunkle) because it is a bit overbearing. also, mine came poorly set up, but that is between you and your luthier. tip: see if they will adjust the action for your for free, before agreeing to purchase the guitar. DONT try to do this your self!

for the prcie, magnificient. a few noticible spots where it was glued, but i bought its for its sound, not its looks. however, it has a BEAUTIFUL finish of the flamed mapel on the back, not to mention a very tasteful natural laquer on top.

if you are looking for rich rythem (verses lead) tone and a beautiful guitar with incredible electronics, look no further.

Spudly rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-16.

I bought this guitar from Musicians Friend, for about $350 (I think, it's been awile).

I love the look, that's what initially drew me to this fine guitar. The tone is great, and sounds awesome plugged in. The cutaway at the bottom is also incredible and the neck is smooooooth.

Pretty much the only complaint I have on this guitar is that the low E buzzes (especially with light and extra light strings), but with the right strings, this baby is sweet. Also, it does not have adjustable string heights at the bridge, but I dont know alot of acoustics that do. That would definatly take the buzzing off of the Low E but oh well.

This bolt on is built pretty darn good. The wood is light and the neck is really smooth.

Bottom line, buy this guitar, but only if you can play with medium strings.

Jared Gomez rated this unit 4 on 2002-04-01.

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