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I went to local music stores in search of a new guitar, prepared to spend up to $1,000.00 I walked away with a Dean Exotica RSE and about $400.00 in my pocket!

The looks are what drew me to this guitar first. It is a remarkable craftmanship! Especially for this price range. I played it and fell in love. I has a wonderful feel, great tone and a smooth neck! The action was a little high off the shelf, but I got a Tusq saddle, and adjusted it to the height I like. As different players prefer different actions, I think they expect some user adjustment here.

I do think Dean could improve the bridge plate, but this also is an easy improvement I may do if the underside looks tattered after a few months.

Overall construction looked great... Very tight and no buzzing parts! I looked under the bridge and noticed 2 screws holding it on. Perhaps it is glued also. Many guitars use this, my only suggestion would be to have a wide rim washer to protect the wood and balance the stress.

For the money, I think Dean has really has a winner here! Quality craftsmanship, great tone, sounds good plugged in, stays in tune. It not the "name" Tayor or Martin.. But I suppose "name" often carries quite a cost and not a measurable amount of difference in quality.

Bill rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-31.

I bought my Supreme the first week they came out in May of 2002 from Oklahoma Vintage Guitars. I paid $599 including a case and shipping.

It is a beautiful guitar. Has a real look of quality. It was not set up well when it arrived, took it to an expert luthier the first day and now the action is great. (expected to have it professionally set up anyway) I am still uncomfortable taking it outside or setting it down, as I don't want to get it scratched up. Looks like a very expensive guitar and seems to be built very well.

This guitar does not have a pick guard. It was getting scratches below the strings. I didn't want it to look like Willy Nelson's guitar, so I added a stick-on pick guard for about $10.00. The guard had to be trimmed a bit to look right as a stock pick guard interfere's with the Abalone trim around the sound hole. It looks great with the black pick guard. I would have been happier if it had come as acoustic only, as I don't use an amp, but wanted the supreme model.

The bracing is improved over the other Dean models. (that's why I wanted the supreme) It appears to be expertly made and finished. Everyone who has seen it is impressed.

This guitar plays very well and looks better. It resembles a $3000 Taylor. I have not played a Taylor as they are out of my price range, but the supreme sounds very good. For a guitar in the $600 range, it is an excellent buy.

Ron G rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-21.

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