Dean Exotica Radiant A/E Reviews 5

I stopped at Hames Music in Gaffney, SC on impulse. I saw the Dean, and immediately fell in love, but thinking it out of my price range, I purchased an Alvarez instead. I couldn't get that guitar off my mind the whole drive home to North Carolina though, and actually called back to inquire about it the next day. I managed to talk them down to $619 without a case.

Being a woman, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful detailing. The instrument is drop-dead gorgeous! (No wonder Dean advertises their guitars with pictures of hot women- the similiarities are there!) The abalone detail work is extensive and fine, and the black glossy finish is intense. The instrument plays beautifully, with excellent action. The sound is rich and full, partly due I'm sure to the unique apostrophe-shaped bridge construction.

The instrument has a minor tendency to slip out of tune easily, which seems to be symptomatic of Dean guitars. The finicky weather in NC probably isn't helping that, but it hasn't stopped me from loving every minute of play. I also don't like the jealous looks I get when I play it in front of people!

The construction is solid, backed by more than 25 years of guitar making experience, and with namesake Dean Zelinsky back on board, they can't go wrong. The electronics are reliable and of excellent quality, and the guitar sounds just as magnificent plugged in.

The Bottom Line is: if you're looking for a acoustically satisfying, aesthetically pleasing unique mid-range guitar, the Dean Exotica Radiant is the one. Strongly recommended.

Grace Smiley rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-30.

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