Dean Performer E Reviews 5

I bought this guitar from Musician's Friend for $259. I wanted a decent acoustic/electric. It was a birthday gift from my wife.

I like everything about this guitar: the finish, detail, sound, and feel. The abolone around the soundhole is beautiful. The binding is flawless. The feel of the guitar is solid and very comfortable. The sound of this thing is beautiful. It is very rich and full of body. When plugged in, it sounds great. It doesn't lose its true sound when amped. It was already in tune right out of the box. The strings aren't cheapy ones either. They sound and feel great.

Only one thing: There is only one strap connecter. So I have to tie my strap to the headstock, which I hate doing. It just doesn't feel right. But I'm not going to put one in. I don't want to, even though it's an easy fix.

The quality is A1. It's just amazing: solid construction and flawless detail. The Dean logo on the headstock is even in pearl.

I love this guitar. I was a little worried that I hadn't played it before buying it. But as soon as it was here, I wasn't giving it back. I'm sure I will be looking at Dean again when buying another guitar.

JPD rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-08.

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