Dean Performer QSE Reviews 5

I bought this guitar at a little local music store for $470. I was just starting out and it was recommended by my teacher. I tested out several for the feel and sound, but this was by far my favorite.

The Performer has a great clear sound. It stays in tune for long periods of time. The electrics allow for some varation in sound over an acoustic.

I get an occasional buzz on the low E, but it may just be me.

I have had no problems with the construction. I have kids, and the guitar takes an occasional bump, but has held up extremely well and still looks fantastic. The tuners are excellent, and it stays in tune for long periods of time.

I would recommend this guitar to anyone looking for an acoustic/electric combo. I have never been unhappy with it.

Lee Anne rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-13.

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