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World Music Supply.Com I purchased this 3/4 size unit for my 10 year old daughter for $110.00

Price , company reputation

The finnish

3/4 size cutaway shallow body accoustic Looks good, construction seem to be a sturdy little guitar, Though I think I recived a Friday model QUALITY: It scratches very easy, the one I recived wouldnt/couldnt tune. All tuner head screws were stripped,loose,all tuner knobs were loose.

World music supply would not help they told me I should repair it myself put toothpicks in the stripped holes. Yep, I could but should I have to buying a NEW guitar? To all if you live in Alaska dont buy on-line from world music supply, you could be stuck with a planter.

Mike Runyon rated this unit 1 on 2004-05-19.

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