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I,ve been playing country rock music as of late and writing my own songs. I've been playing and singing since I was 14. I've been with a few bands and played on my own .I"ve owned alot of guitars over the years I enjoy buying a new guitar way to often, selling and buying. I own a fender tele The best electric guitar made a yamaha compass cpx8 and my Dean. I've cut down my inventory.

This Dean was an impulse buy from musicians freind closeout 149.00 a limited amount of these are to be made and sold. I Still see acouple on ebay I guess there power sellers loaded up.

What a surprise from the great tuners to the easy plat neck the great sound and looks.AWESOME TUNERS solid spruce top. Mahogany back and sides rose wood fretboard. Excellent construction inside.Nice double binding around body. I keep waitng for something to pop up or off at this price. I've owned a few Deans and they did it again made a great guitar that don't cost alot of dough. The sound is amazing great depth not a tin can like a cheap Ephi. great sustain for an acoustic. beautiful wing inlays at neckhole. What's wrong with this thing I don't know why did it only cost 149.00. If you can find one grab it.

THERE'S nothing I don't like. I love it i play it all the time. I figure if i play it constantly I'll find something wrong it will fall apart in my hands . But it just gets better.

Solid spruce top. Mahogany back and sides. rose wood fretboard. scalloped bracing all around X bracing inside top and more. two solid blocks and adjustable truss on neck and extra braces across top inside of body and four braces along the inside bottom of body double binding around the body. Seems built to last longer than I will. gorgeous black high gloss finish.

What't wrong with it. It was so cheap and is so nice I don't know. It is nov. 4th 2006 IF you want buy a great christmas gift for yourself there is a couple left on ebay they are new and have built in electronics. The buy it now price is low .The one with built in electronics sold for 289.00 on sale the buy it now price is wat below that.Sorry I'm not selling mine

RANDY DEAN rated this unit 5 on 2006-11-05.

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