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This is probably the top selling budget acoustic bass out there, the Dean EAB Acoustic Electric Bass. Many bassists envy the guitarists simplistic methods of practicing, just grab and acoustic!

I picked this up at my local Guitar Center. They had two in stock and I spent some time picking out the better one and am satisfied with my pick. $150 out the door. Not a bad price. This bass even has a pickup. Which for $150 you can't complain, but it is just OK.

It sounds good for practicing by myself. It holds tune well and I was able to set the action to a decent level where it is comfortable and buzz free.

The bass does not project enough to jam 'acoustically' I feel I must bring a small amp to cut through with friends. The body is a bit bulky. Most likely because they wanted to make it loud. Since it is not loud enough, the bulky body becomes cumbersome, but once again, we're talking about a $150 bass. Can't have everything!

The satin finish is smooth. The action is playable. The neck is thin. The electronics 'get the job done' but I suggest a nicer preamp to beef up the sound a bit.

Great 'kickaround' bass. Plays and sounds decent enough for a cheap bass. There aren't many other basses in its class worth checking out.

Billy rated this unit 3 on 2011-01-09.

I first I saw it advertised in a few of the catalogs I get in the mail. The price was for $150 at Musician's Friend and for an acoustic/electric bass, you can't beat it.

First, the PRICE! As I said, an acoustic/electric bas for $150? Unheard of these days or any day for that matter. Although it is a cheaper bass it doesn't have a cheap feel.

The electrics are a little sub-par but, hey, if the acoustic bass can sound good enough, who needs 'em.

Construction is of mahogany pieces and some type of plywood for the body, but you can't tell unless thoroughly inspected.

I love this bass for the price mostly. As far as the quality is concerned, I have seen more expensive basses, low-end of course, that didn't sound as good or were constructed as well. For a beat around acoustic bass, you CAN NOT, beat this.

prymevol rated this unit 4 on 2005-04-07.

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