Dean Edge 1 4-String Reviews 5

Got for Christmas, was bought used at Classic Axe guitar shop, Manassas, VA. Usually retails around $325-400.

Everything- Great sound, dual soapbar humbuckers produce either warmer, 50's-soul/R&B style tones on the first one or rockier, metal humbucking tones on the second. Chrome volume/tone knobs are extremely durable, butterfly-style machine heads, excellent tuning, maple/basswood body, rosewood neck I think. This is an AWESOME bass, for starters or beginners. One really nice feature is that there is a seperate volume knob for either pickup, so you can be playing over the first pickup but get that metal tone. Works wonderfully not only with bass effect pedals, but with guitar pedals as well (no muddiness whatsoever). Extremely durable, I haven't been able to make more than a slight dent in this. The finish is a beatiful Smartwood like thing, it look s like a maple coffee table. The strings are extremely durable (and these are the factory ones, too!).

Uh...It's kinda heavy and gets to you after about 3 hours or so, but just get one of those Neotech gel straps and your problem's solved.

Typical Dean body, similar to the Fender Jazz bass, but a larger top fin. Quality is amazingly wonderful, I absolutely love this bass.

This is definitely one of the best basses ever made, along with the Rickenbackers and Fenders.

Dean Rocks rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-06.

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