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I got this quite a while ago. I'm a bassist and percussionist, and i've been playing for a very long time. I do a lot of percussion on the bass, a lot of contra-rythym slapping (lating) and i needed a bass that would sound very decent. I bought this bass in panama city, florida, at B&H music for the standard price. I origianally was looking for an ibanez but thank God i didnt get one...

Dont be fooled by its looks. It has only three control knobs: 1 volume, 2 tone. From looking at it it doesnt seem that it has many tone pickup combinations..but it actually does...i like mainly the the tone of this bass.. many have criticized it but thats because they dont have the patience to get to know the has many combinations such from vintage jazz to punk, to progressive rock, to blues...etc. I like the fact that the slapping sounds so awesome on this bass. it's also a very heavy heavy bass, which is a good thing. the heavier the wood means the better quality it is. One REALLY good thing is that this bass is literally indestructable...i dont abuse my instruments, but they have accidentally fallen...and this bass has slipped from my grip many times, in the wrong places...NOT ONE SCRATCH...a few chips, but none have gotten through the finnish...

There is nothing i dont like...about this bass...but i can criticize the Ibanez i was GOING to get. It has NO TONE, WHAT SO only has a bright side and a mellow jazz, no NOTHIN!! It is a very LIGT ibanez bass, and i stripped one to find out that it was actually made and put together by FIVE different pieces of wood...that's just wrong...I mean, sure, Ibanez does make REALLY good products, but i assure you to NOT BUY anything made by Ibanez that is under 1000 dollars...of course, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani...they all have quality Ibanez instruments....because they cost thousands of dollars...but dont buy a standar Ibanez four string bass...the pickups on the one i saw were very very loose from the joint, and were cheappie little Alinco magnets..the bridge on this piece of garbage is VERY VERY thin, and the HEADS of the strings stick out of the bridge..there is no cavity to keep them in. Please, unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on an IBANEZ bass, dont buy them. If you are looking for GOOD quality basses, Dean is the way to go. The dean pickups are EMG's, and are SOAP BAR "ALinco" crap..the bridges are sturdy..WITH CAVITIES for the string heads (at least the strings will look decent)..

Like i said, the quality is unbelievable. the construction is just built by and for the's undestructable...i mean it is great. Since i live in Latin America, the strings down here are RIDICULOUSLY one time i busted the G string, and left it with only E A and D...i thought it was going to get out of tune...i thought the neck joint would release and shift from the body cavity, and i thought it would come out of calibration...but it didnt...when i put fresh strings on, the action didnt alter ONE CENTIMETER, it stayed in perfect sinchronization, and i'm very pleased..

I do professional touring all over the world, and the band i'm in has even toured with Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Paul Gilbert. I know all of them, and they are close friends (that's why i mentioned them above). I have ALWAYS counted on this bass in PROFFESSIONAL CONCERTS with these pro's, and it has never let me down...have any of you seen Joe Satriani play the bass...MANNNNNNNNNN HE CAN PLAYY!!!!! He said so himself that it is a very good bass...Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai G3 tour) played a while on my bass when i met him. he said, and i quote "This bass is too good to be true for the price it was sold. A bass like this should be sold for over a thousand dollars. You should hang on to this one." and that's exactly what i'm going to do. In fact, i'm so pleased with this bass that my next project is to buy a Dean Edge 6 string bass (they make 6 stringers really well too)...Oh by the way, i chatted a while with Steve Vai about Ibanez basses...and i quote, "Yeah there are way too many people that criticize Ibanez. Ibanez is not a brand to be taken lightly, and I dont mean that because I am endorsed by them, I mean it because the really good instruments under their name are the ones that cost well over thousands of dollars. Ibanez is an economical brand. I love my guitars, and they are very good ones...but if you go buy a cheap copy out there, hell yah it's shit."

Ibanez sucks, Dean rules rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-13.

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