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This is the new Hillsboro J bass put out by Dean Guitars. They have a few models; one with two jazz pickups, one with a humbucker at the bridge (Musicman style bass), the Eric Bass signature model (bassist for Shinedown) as well as a pricier American made series. I'm reviewing the $299 Hillsboro J model. Beautiful translucent black finish with flamed maple top, basswood body, satin finished, maple neck with a maple board and an active EQ.

Guitar Center had one. I first saw the bassist from Shinedown rock this beast. Sounded great and looked like a lot of bass for the money. $299 is the going rate.

The satin neck played like a dream. I'd compare the neck somewhere between a P-bass and a Jazz bass width. The EQ was easy to figure out and I was able to get some very usable real world sounds out of it.

I am always weary of how long a cheap active preamp will last in an active bass. Dean basses have always impressed me, but a Schecter I recently had was the pits. A $700 needed not one but 2 preamps in its warranty.

Felt good, the frets could have been finished smoother on the edges, but I understand some shortcuts are expected for the $299 price tag.

Very cool bass for the price. Instead of blatantly ripping off an already iconic bass, Dean is making their own!

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2010-12-14.

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