Dean Perfomer Plus Acoustic Electric Reviews 3

I was lookin around for a fairly inexpensive acoustic bass for jamming with friends and I found this one at Musicians Friend for $429.

The bass is compact for an acoustic, and has a nice tone when played unplugged.

The pickups ar VERY sensitive. Couple that with pretty sucky standard strings and you got a bit of a problem. I found that throwing some nicer strings on the bass helped out a little bit, but if you're i the habit of sliding with yuor fret hand THIS BASS IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!

Construction is very nice, and the quality would be ecellent if Dean just put better strigns on it.

For the price, I got exactly what i was expecting. This is in no way the be all and end all of acoustic basses. If you want a cheap knock-aronud bass for playing unplugged, then this piece works great, but if you'er looking for something to plug in and practice with, try something else.

G. Fitz rated this unit 3 on 2002-04-01.

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