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I got mine used, so it only cost me $200. I looked it up on, and it retails around $320.

- Compared to other basses I've used, it's very light. -Great balance. -Cheap -Not a lot of tonal constomization to worry about, so it's easy to pick up and go (great for beginners).

-Even with the bridge set its lowest, the strings sit pretty high from the fretboard. -Not a lot of tonal customization available.

Mine had a problem about a year ago where the neck got warped, but that was my own fault for leaving it out in my basement in the middle of the winter. I had a problem with one of the knobs popping off, but some super glue did the trick nicely. Also, the cable jack keeps coming unscrewed. Other than these minor annoyances, the instrument is pretty well-constructed. I've put mine through some rough-and-tumble, and it still plays as well as it ever has.

I would recommend this bass to people who want to get started playing without dropping huge cash. Its ease of use makes it great for newcomers, but its lack of options make it not so great for experienced players looking to expand their bass horizons.

Chris B! rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-18.

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