Dean Razor NT-4 Reviews 5

I purchased this bass from Keeper's Music in Ames, Iowa. I bought it because it's a gorgeous bass with a great sound. Total cost was $475US.

The transparent red finish really shows off the neck thru body, and the sound is amazing when everything is set up right. I've found no "dead" frets or notes. The body is very light and perfectly balanced. The sounds which the active electronics can produce are sweet. The feel of the fretboard is very open and friendly, and the action is very easy to adjust. Restringing is fast and easy with little chance of damaging either yourself or the finish.

Cranking the highs on the active electronics results in a popping, similar to slapping, during any sort of playing. The battery panel has 5 screws going directly into the wood of the body, making battery swapping uncomfortable and slow. I've also broken my E string on it a few times... far more often than should be expected. I was also disappointed to find unfinished wood in the battery cavity.

Transparent Red finish, quilted maple top on a neck-thru Alder body, Maple and Wlanut laminated neck, rosewood fingerboard with abalone dot inlays, Gold hardware all around, Grover tuners, 24 frets, active pickups (Dean 3D preamp), dual Dean Session pickups. Lightweight but solid feel. Definitely a style bass.

This feels like a professional bass. It's great for long jams, and it wont break your neck or pocketbook. A few small issues show that it's only a midrange bass, but for the money, this bass is awesome in looks and feel.

Seth Minnihan rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-17.

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