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I recived this fine bass guitar after months of giving hints of what i wanted for christmas. My parents payed $400 for it and a $100 for the custom fitted case that comes with it. I think the got it at The Guitar Center in Dallas.

When you first see this guitar you instantly want it so bad. It has a Extremly nice paint job(i got black) and pickups are awsome .Its very solid and weight is even. The neck allows very fast solos(not slap) and has a great range of sounds with its 24 frets. The factory strings came with it have lasted a extremly long time(yes the're still on). It keeps in tune very well. i love the reaction i get when i bring it out for poeple to see. Great for any distortion.Theres really not enough I could say how great it is.

the only bad thing I could say is that when standing up it is difficult to reach the lower frets(but not impossible) and hard case is really big and hard to carry.

very solid and weight is evenly distributed. great paint job for the price. the back tends to get minor scratches from playing. i have banged this bass pretty hard(on accident) and still no chips

Great bass to buy for a metal band. No other bass like it. I would give it a 10 if it went that high.

cliff Burton rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-04.

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