Dean Avalanche 7 string Reviews 4

I came across this guitar at a pawn shop and i paid $100 (with case)

I love that the pickups are mounted onto the body of the guitar, this gives it a unique tone and really good sustatin (i beleive that the idea of mounting the pickups onto the body came from eddie van halen) This guitar also is supriseingly easy to play, by that i mean that the neck does not feel cumbersome, like i expected a seven string neck to feel.

rather plain, it has a black finish, silver knobs, and the regualr old run of the mill abalone inlays.

very durable, this particular guitar spent at least a year in the pawn shop [i know this because i had my eye on it and did not buy it until i got the price i wanted] and still sound like new, the selector switch and the knobs are all in good working order.

Excellent buy for a seven string [even at its $300 new price], good tone, good feel, easy to play, and very sturdy

Brandon Ryan rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-25.

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