Dean Avalanche Playmate Reviews 4

This guitar was bought as a Christmas gift from a nearby guitar shop. The guitar itself was around 200 dollars.

Despite the fact that I had never heard of Dean guitars prior to my own guitar, I was well satisfied with this purchase. The humbucker at the bridge sounds really great. It has a nice, thick sound which is great for downstroke players. The neck pickup sounds better for acoustic-like parts. The gold paint job is really cool.

The fretboard is not of great quality. I've seen much nicer rosewood. It also tends to lose its tuning.

It's a pretty basic design. It has three way pickup switching, and standard volume and tone knobs. The wood is of decent quality. The pickups sound really good. At least for my type of playing.

It's a good guitar for a beginner. It's a high quality, low-price competitor of the Stratocaster. It's perfect for the musician on a budget.

warchicken rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-19.

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