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This was something of an impulse purchase that I saw in Rikaxxe in Bristol (UK). I am particularly keen on natural wood finish instruments and picked it up really just to test the weight and action. The instant I hit a few chords I was impressed, even acoustically it sounded 'sweet' and I asked for it to be put aside and returned the following day and paid the ticket price of 125.00. I wanted something that had humbuckers to use in my home practice area alongside my Speedster Traveler.

I own quite a few guitars, but none come close to the value for money this represents. It is very light and beautifully setup. The range of tones is exceptional bearing in mind that just a couple of years ago you'd be severely limited in what you could buy in this price range. It has an almost PRS type high end and a deep growl bottom range.

The tuners are a bit of an afterthought but do the job and it stays in tune well considering. This would be my biggest criticism if forced to make one, apart from that I am very happy with it and struggle to find any real faults.

Obviously it is a cheap guitar and you can't expect the quality of a much more expensive instrument. That said, the level of workmanship is high, the woodwork (Honduran Mahogany)is unblemished, the 3 way pickup selector works flawlessly and the action is perfection, with no fret buzz whatsoever.

Excellent buy for guitarists of any level - wouldn't take Pete Townshend long to despatch it to matchwood given its bolt-on neck construction though. Can't say how it will hold up to repeated daily thrashings, but at this price - you could a new one every year.

Dean Brewis rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-17.

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