Dean Exotica BB Reviews 5

I played guitar when I was young and wanted to pick it up again. Needed a guitar I could enjoy playing. Wanted an acoustic to start but wanted to be able to go electric if needed. Didn't want to spend alot. I ended up spending more than I anticipated because the cheaper guitars all had what I considered poor fretboard action. I payed $359 at Florida Discount Music in Melbourne.

This guitar is a wonderful acoustic/electric guitar that has gotten me hooked on playing every day. After standard adjusted at the store it came with really nice fretboard action. It resonates like a full body acoustic, but sounds great plugged in to every amp I've tried. I can't say enough about the looks and quality of this guitar. The bubinga wood grain is outstanding, it has a solid spruce top which is why it has such great sound. I was at first worried that it didn't come with a pick guard, but the glassy finish doesn't require it. I have been playing it hard now for 6 months and no scratches or marks. After about 3 weeks of putting it in tune on a regular basis it now stays in tune really well. Good tuning head.

No dislikes.

Excellent quality. Solid spruce top, great finish. Fretboard is sweet and with proper set up action is excellent for an acoustic. I don't play plugged in alot, but when I have it sounds awesome with very little feedback problem. Not sure how they made such a versitile guitar but this is a winner.

I wanted a guitar that I would love to play and this turned out to be what I needed. Thanks Dean.

daner rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-19.

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