Dean Jazz Stylist Standard Reviews 5

Purchased from a local music store used (sort of, the first owner couldn't make payments and brought it back after a month). I paid $400.00, the new price was $500.00 I think.

Beautiful tone. The dealer called it a poor man's Byrdland and I agree. Not quite as fat as an L-5, but for the price who's complaining. Extremely versatile instrument: playing clean it gets a fantastic Jazz tone, distort it and it's as rock and roll as you need (but you can't play too loudly due to the hollow body, of course). The neck feels just like my 71 Les Paul. Wonderful to play.

I had to replace the poor quality jack immediately. Otherwise, no complatints.

Except for the jack, the construction is quite solid.

Yes, I'd rather have a Heritage or a high-end Gibson. For the money, though, you can't beat this instrument.

Ken Dickinson rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-10.

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